Many famous overseas brands
choose to work with
S.B Saigon
and S.B Pearl
because we focus on quality
at every step of
the manufacturing process.

1.Advanced sewing techniques
and quality

Our motto is to create beautifully sewn quality products by reproducing the techniques of Japanese craftspeople. We cut, sew, and finish every individual piece with the greatest possible care.

  • Advanced sewing techniques that are unique to Vietnam
  • We can provide specialized sewing techniques such as embroidery and hand-blind stitching
  • We place great importance on interim ironing to produce supple items

2.Rigorous quality management
according to
a Japanese system

We prioritize compliance and produce all our products in a safe and secure manner. We believe that safety and security are prerequisites of high quality, and enforce the highest safety standards.

  • A needle management system that is even more thorough than that used by Japanese factories
  • In-house third-party inspection system
  • CSR compliance in each company

3.A perfect balance between
quality maintenance
and work
efficiency improvement

It is reasonable to add even more value to high-quality products. We believe that pursuing efficient operations and eliminating waste are important tasks for a sewing factory.

  • Use of highly accurate pattern seamers
  • Introduction of a variety of automatic sewing machines
  • Thorough line management to decrease conversion loss


S.B Saigon Fashion and S.B Pearl Fashion are fully financed and managed by Nippon Steel Trading. When we founded our first factory in Ho Chi Minh City 20 years ago, the factory sewed light clothing meant for the lower price zone. As times changed and our customers’ demands evolved, we made our factories evolve together with our Vietnamese staff. Today, the factories can accommodate requests for a wide variety of items that must be of high quality.

We greatly value our customers’ trust. In the future, we will continue to evolve and create value together with our customers.

General Director /
Tetsushi Atoyama


  • S.B Saigon Fashion


  • SB Pearl Fashion


Saigon & Pearl

Saigon & Pearl

Our company brand
“Saigon & Pearl”

In 2015, we created our company brand “Saigon & Pearl”
based on a desire to provide the utmost quality.
In an era when traceability is a must, we are exploring
possibilities for collaboration with various clothing companies
and materials manufacturers.

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